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Numerous walks & hikes.

Walk to Sitla
Set out at about 9 am after an early breakfas=Helveticat. Walk east towards Orakhan (2 & 1/2 kms). Walk up 50 metres to where the incline starts. On the right side You will see a walking path. Go up this walkHelveticaing path and 100 metres later you will come to a fork. Go straight on to Sitla (1 & 1/2 km) or right for Mukteshwar (2 & 1/2 kms). Once up at Mukteshwar, visit Lord Shiva’s temple popularly called ‘chauli ki jaali’.

Distance: 4 kms / Mukteshwar – 5 kms
Level: Medium/tough
Time taken: 4 to 5 hours to & fro, with a half hour Break.

Walk around the oak forest behind Bob’s place and return via Nathua Khan Market
This is an easy walk. Walk east for one km to Ritha. On your right there is an open ground. Enter the compound and take the first walking path on your right, going west. Great for a feel of the forest and for birding. You skirt the hill behind bob’s place and exit near Nathua Khan market.

Distance: 3 kms
Level: Medium
Time taken: 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours

Walk to Relax Point and along the stream through the forest and back to 1 km short of Nathua Khan market.
Walk east to Ritha asin Walk 2 above. Take the far right path by the handpump. It’s all the way downhill to Relax Point through fields and orchards. Do stop by at the old serai on your way down (approx 1 km from the hand pump). The walk is well marked with white paint on stones and tree trunks. Climb down to the river and dip your feet. After a steep climb of about 200 metres you will exit 1 km short of Nathua Khan market.

Distance: 4-5 kms
Level: Medium

Hike up to the oak forest and water tank.
Enjoy the oak forest behind bob’s place. Walk out of the gate and turn left. After about 100 metres, just past the bend in the road, turn right. The path goes through the forest and up to the water tank. Enjoy the view from the water tank. On the way back go down eastwards towards the village of Ritha and then walk back to bob’s place via the main road.

Note: The initial climb looks intimidating but it is only about 20 metres and very do-able. On the latter part of the walk you can make your own path to the water tank.

Hike to Dev Bhoomi shrine at Bhallar
Walk to the market. Ask anyone for the walking path to Harinagar and beyond to Bhallar. Once at Bhallar market ask for directions to the Dev Bhoomi shrine. Its practically straight on from there.

Distance: 5 kms
Level: Medium
Time taken: 3hours to and fro

Rock climbing & Repelling at Mukteshwar*
*Can be arranged with prior booking at an extra cost of Rs. 500/- per person plus transport charges (if required). Total time, including journey would be approximately 2 hours (Minimum Group of 4 Persons).

Distance: 14 kms
Level: Medium